Our Story

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When sweet and savoury pairs well…

We met in London, when we were both working for Hélène Darroze at The Connaught. Sylvain was a kitchen sous-chef and Marie was a pastry demi-chef.

After several years of living abroad and experiencing different types of cultures and cooking, we decided it was time for us to throw ourselves in a new adventure : create our very own restaurant. It seemed quite logical at the time that we should come back to France, a country overflowing with amazing food and great producers.

To us, gastronomy shouldn't be something set in motion. On the contrary, it should be synonymous with changes, constant evolution. We get inspiration from the changes in season, through discoveries of our own. What we truly want is create a cuisine that looks like us, even if it sometimes means that we need to shake things up a bit. We are convinced that it is essential, especially in these days of climate change, that we respect and adapt to what the Earth has to offer, not the opposite.

With this in mind, we decided to become members of the "Bon pour le Climat" association, which regroups food professionals and consumers who commit to change and improve their eating habits in order to help change the climate imbalance. Eat locally, according to season and mostly vegetables. 


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In short…

“I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to enter culinary school as early as possible. Classical culinary training and several internships will strengthen my decision. I’ve acquired a strong experience among Michelin-starred chefs in France & abroad : Mr Chavent at La Tour Rose in Lyon, Jean-Michel Lorrain at La Côte Saint-Jacques, Edouard Loubet, Hélène Darroze in London and Moscow, and as head chef at Le Toiny in St Barts.  Normandy – the Calvados region in particular – offers a beautiful range of produce. Cooking them when they are fully in season is obvious to me.” Sylvain


“Originally from Normandy, I headed towards pastry after a bachelor’s degree in English. I started in Lyon at Mathieu Viannay’s and then le Bistrot Italien. My love for travel then led me to London, where I worked for Marcus Wareing and then Hélène Darroze, two amazing 2 Michelin-star restaurants where I learned and improved a great deal, as much on the technical side of pastry, as on the ability to develop my palate. Being a pastry chef is a way for me to express my creativity every day, to push myself and to share a part of all this with people. Ultimately when people come to the restaurant, I want them to spend a pure moment of joy, where all senses are in motion.” Marie